Messages sent to the Congregation of St Phillip the Apostle, Huhudi, South Africa at the end of the Thy Kindom Come initiative

 Between Generations

Between Seeking and Finding

 Between Bystander and Game Changer

 Between Chaos and Courage

Between us Two 

Between Breaths 

Between Sunrise and Sunset 

Between Despair and Thanksgiving 

Between Endings and Beginnings 




Read about our most recent visit to our Partnership Church of St.Phillip the Apostle, Huhudi, Vrybrug, South Africa

 Growing together in Christian Love 2016
                                                          Main Report
                                                          Appendix A
                                                          Appendix B
                                                          Appendix C
                                                          Appendix D
                                                          Appendix E 
                                                         Appendix F
                                                         Appendix G
                                                        Appendix H 
                                                        Appendix I  
                                                        Appendix J 
                                                        Appendix K 
                                                        Appendix L

Our joint Partnership prayer for:

           September, 2018https://www.dropbox.com/s/uvxq2t0nfr0b2op/Prayer%20File%20Huhudi-%2018%20Sept.pdf?dl=0

Our Partnership Agreement: 2010

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